Watt d'Or honors schaerraum


Bern/Horw LU – The Swiss Federal Office of Energy is awarding the Swiss energy prize Watt d’Or 2022 on January 6. The award has been won by schaerraum AG, based in Horw in the canton of Lucerne, for its modular construction planning concept.


The Swiss energy award Watt d'Or 2022 is being conveyed on January 6. Since 2007, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) has presented this seal of approval for energy excellence at its New Year’s event. The awards are not remunerated. They aim to motivate the economy, politics, and the general public to discover the advantages of innovative energy technologies for themselves.


Schaerraum AG received the award in the buildings and spatial development category. In a construction period lasting just eight months, it has built a climate-neutral, multistorey, residential and office block in Horw in the canton of Lucerne using local timber. According to a press release from the SFOE, the building creates around 50 percent more energy than it needs. Additionally, the rental prices are around 20 percent lower than the local average. This has been made possible due to a modular planning concept called RaumRaster.


Verora AG, a group of farmers from the Zug mountain region, was honored in the renewable energy category. Since 2012, they have been producing biochar from tree and shrub cuttings using a pyrolysis plant that they themselves have transformed. As a feed additive, it reduces gas production from the digestion process of cows and decreases the ammonia smell in stables. Furthermore, it increases the nutrient content of manure and compost and stores CO2 for centuries.


No winner was announced for the mobility category this year. Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) has received the Watt d'Or 2022 for the category of energy technologies. It has developed intelligent load management software that replaces the need to construct new, expensive power plants. When there are peaks in demand, such as when multiple trains accelerate at the same time, it briefly switches off train and points heating systems. SBB could flexibly control 70 megawatts with this system by 2023 according to the SFOE: “Once again, SBB is playing a pioneering role in Switzerland's national electricity grid.”

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