Brändi Dog game turning 25


Lucerne/Sursee LU – Brändi Dog is celebrating its 25th birthday this year. The Swiss board game is made by hand in the workshop of the Brändi foundation in Sursee. The game is primarily made by people who have a mental or psychological impairment.


For the past 25 years, the workshop of the Brändi foundation in Sursee has been making the popular Brändi Dog board game. The Brändi online shop is celebrating the birthday of three of its products with improvements and special editions available until 31 October  The four-player Brändi Dog set, for example, is being offered in a high-quality box made of Swiss birch wood.


The entire game is made in Sursee, with just the marbles and playing cards sourced externally, as was reported in an article in the Luzerner Zeitung newspaper. It is the highest selling board game in the Galaxus online shop. Brändi Dog is also popular in the neighboring countries of Austria, Italy and Germany.


The board game is primarily made by people with a learning disability or a mental impairment. The aim of the Brändi foundation is the integration of people with disabilities through work in sheltered production and service workshops. It offers 1,100 jobs and apprenticeships as well as 340 housing options for people with mental or physical disabilities in 15 facilities throughout the canton of Lucerne. With some 1,800 employees, the Brändi Foundation is one of the largest employers in central Switzerland.


To mark 25 years of Brändi Dog, the game museum Gameorama in Lucerne is putting on a special exhibition. There will also be a competition and a Brändi Dog tournament on 24 October.

Stiftung Brändi

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