Canton of Lucerne introducing electronic seal


Lucerne - The canton of Lucerne is introducing an electronic seal for official documents. Using this seal, the authenticity of documents can be verified and protected against subsequent changes. The use of the seal is to be tested in pilot projects over the next few months.


Official canton of Lucerne documents will in future be stamped with an electronic seal, the State Chancellery of the canton of Lucerne writes in a press release. Its validity can be determined with PDF readers or by means of a digital tool set up for such purposes. This verifies whether the document actually originates from the canton of Lucerne and certifies that the document has not been altered or modified after the seal has been affixed.


The new electronic seal offers administrators at the canton of Lucerne “another tool to digitalize internal and external processes, thereby ensuring that processes run more efficiently”, the State Chancellery writes. The software used to affix this seal was developed by the service provider CABAReT Solutions AG, based in the canton of Basel-Landschaft.


Potential applications of the seal are to be tested as part of a series of pilot projects over the new few months. According to the press release, Lucerne is adopting a pioneering role in this area: It is now “the first canton in Switzerland to move a regulated electronic seal (according to ZertES) into the pilot phase”.

Canton of Lucerne

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