Veriset puts fully automated plant into operation


Root LU - The kitchen manufacturer Veriset has now put its second fully automated plant into operation. This new production facility serves as a replacement for two existing plants used to cut cupboard frontages and cabinet parts. Moreover, it will help to significantly reduce waste and ease the burden on employees.


From now on, Veriset will be manufacturing its kitchen cupboard and drawer frontages as well as cabinet parts at a fully digitalized cutting plant. Up until now, these tasks were completed by two machines. Afterwards, these parts are then directly transferred to the automated edging plant that went into operation in January. The kitchen manufacturer is now gradually converting its production processes, with the new cutting plant expected to run at full capacity from the fall onwards. In order to fully modernize its production processes, Veriset has drawn up plans to procure additional plants and systems.


The benefits of the new cutting plant are centered around a lower error rate, easier handling and more precise data, Veriset writes in a press release. In this way, the company intends to increase both production capacities and the range of variations it can offer, in addition to maintaining a total of 300 jobs.


The new system manages waste autonomously, with woodchip and MDF cuttings disposed of separately. According to Veriset, this is beneficial for the environment.


In addition, a robot will now take on the task of positioning the large wooden boards on the system, which helps to save employees from back pain. At the same time, operating and monitoring the plant as a whole now requires ever more IT knowledge. For this reason, the employees are trained in this field. In this way, the press release explains, the company has the necessary competencies in-house even in the event of a malfunction.


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