Emmi buys number one in the U.S. feta market


Lucerne – The Emmi Group is acquiring Athenos, the most important feta producer in the American market. This should strengthen Emmi’s most strategically important foothold of specialty cheese in its most significant foreign market. Furthermore, this acquisition should also provide additional import opportunities for Swiss cheese.


In Athenos, Emmi is acquiring the most important feta manufacturer in the American market. Athenos’s business will in future be managed by Emmi Roth USA, which has been part of the Emmi Group since 2009. However, this is still pending approval from the American competition authorities according to an ad hoc press release. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.


Emmi describes the USA as its most important foreign market. It says that specialty cheeses are “the most strategically important foothold” in this market. Athenos achieved sales of almost 90 million US dollars in 2020. In addition to feta, the company offers other Mediterranean-style food items such as hummus and pita chips. The Athenos offering is said to optimally complement Emmi’s product palette of high-quality, locally produced and imported specialty cheeses in its North America business.


Matthias Kunz, Executive Vice President of the Americas Region at Emmi, is quoted as saying that this acquisition “strengthens our position in the strategically important U.S. market, thus also our growing export business from Switzerland, and in future we will be able to offer our customers an even more extensive and attractive entire product range”. It is also said that Athenos will be able to benefit from the marketing expertise of Emmi Roth USA.


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