E-cars used as energy store by sun2wheel


Kriens LU – The startup sun2wheel has developed a charging station that allows the batteries of parked cars to be stores for renewable energy. This means solar power from the roof can be directly used in a building after.


Founded in December 2020, sun2wheel has found a way to use the storage capacities of parked electric cars. With its bidirectional charging stations, e-car batteries can be both charged and discharged. This makes it possible for solar power generated on the roof to be stored in the garage, for example, and then directly used for heating or heat pump systems in the home or a commercial building. By utilizing the surplus battery capacity “the proportion of energy from a photovoltaic system used privately in a building can be significantly raised,” said Dominik Müller, responsible for market development and sales at sun2wheel, in a press release.


The sun2wheel ecosystem has a modular structure, which means it can be steadily expanded. Even batteries that are no longer suitable for e-cars can be used in this ecosystem. The fact it can be extended as needed is above all an advantage for multi-family buildings, the company explains. In a commercial context, another benefit is that load peaks can be disrupted, reducing energy costs.


According to co-founder Marco Piffaretti, this innovative system “sets a new benchmark in the world of charging and storage infrastructure. We expect great demand for our system in a market that is developing rapidly right now”.


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