Canton Lucerne supports SACA


The Swiss Asia Crypto Alliance (SACA) promotes the Swiss and Asian fintech and blockchain ecosystem. SACA is a global alliance that aims to address the challenges between Switzerland and Asia. It develops and supports fintech and blockchain efforts and ventures in Switzerland and Asia and connects the two ecosystems. In addition to Switzerland and Lichtenstein, in Asia they cover South Korea, Singapore, Japan & Hong Kong.


SACA informs its stakeholders in Asia about the latest regulatory developments in Switzerland, facilitates business contacts between the two ecosystems and provides legal and regulatory advice regarding market entry in the regions covered by SACA. SACA supports Fintech and Blockchain startups in their move to Europe in Switzerland, so that they can benefit from the unique framework conditions.


SACA is based in Lucerne and works closely with Lucerne Business. SACA ist chaired by Juhee Lee, a serial entrepreneur from South Korea who lives in Lucerne. Contact Juhee Lee directly if you would like to learn more about the opportunities offered by the Swiss Asia Crypto Alliance.


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