Microsoft supporting Bug Bounty Switzerland


Lucerne – The Lucerne startup Bug Bounty Switzerland is creating a platform that mediates between ethical hackers and organizations. The mission is to uncover vulnerabilities in IT systems. Now, Bug Bounty is being backed by IT giant Microsoft.


Bug Bounty Switzerland GmbH from Lucerne is setting up its first bug bounty platform in Switzerland. This will mediate between ethical hackers and organizations to uncover vulnerabilities in IT systems. Ethical hackers find a system’s vulnerabilities and weaknesses in partnership with the owner, helping them to then close any holes.


Microsoft is supporting Bug Bounty Switzerland as part of the Microsoft for Startups program, as was reported in a press release. Microsoft will provide the startup with access to the expertise of its specialists. Additionally, Bug Bounty Switzerland can operate its platform using state-of-the-art technology in the IT giant’s Swiss data centers.


The aim of Bug Bounty Switzerland and Microsoft is to build the Swiss hub for collaboration with ethical hackers. This practice of cooperating with ethical hackers is still too rarely used in Switzerland, said Florian Badertscher, CTO of Bug Bounty Switzerland. Some Swiss companies already use them to secure their systems, but via platforms that originate from abroad.


“Microsoft’s support brings us a decisive step closer to our goal of making bug bounty programs easily accessible to all Swiss organizations and companies,” explained Sandro Nafzger, CEO of Bug Bounty Switzerland.


Thomas Winter, Partner Lead and Member of the Executive Board of Microsoft Switzerland, is also pleased about the cooperation: “Cybersecurity is the central challenge of the digital age. Without it, the most basic human rights like privacy cannot exist.” Microsoft’s mission is therefore to support companies like Bug Bounty Switzerland.


For this reason, Bug Bounty Switzerland also recently entered a strategic collaboration with the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC). As a result, Florian Schütz supports the startup on the advisory board as the federal delegate for cybersecurity and head of the NCSC.

Bug Bounty Switzerland

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