Lucerne start-up makes final of ZKB Pioneer Award Technopark


Zurich/Root LU – A total of 11 start-ups have made it into the final round of this year’s ZKB Pioneer Award Technopark. Among the finalists is Cowa Thermal Solutions AG based in the canton of Lucerne. The winning company will bank a check for just under 100,000 Swiss francs.


The Cantonal Bank of Zurich (ZKB) and Technopark Zurich have now announced a list of 11 finalists for the ZKB Pioneer Award Technopark. These have been selected from a group comprising more than 30 start-ups. The finalists also include Cowa Thermal Solutions AG, a company headquartered at Technopark Lucerne that develops special capsules with a higher specific thermal capacity than water. This facilitates a fourfold increase in the capacity of conventional thermal stores, as detailed in a press release profiling the finalists.


Thermal stores play an important role particularly where environmentally friendly heating is concerned – especially when the heat pump is powered by your own photovoltaic system. However, neither electricity from the photovoltaic system nor the heat generated can be stored effectively. In fact, only around 30 percent of locally produced energy can be used in the local area too. According to information in the press release, using the capsules developed by Cowa Thermal Solutions ensures that the degree of heating self-sufficiency can be increased to 70 percent.


The ZKB Pioneer Award Technopark will be presented on May 11, the press release states. The first-placed company will be handed prize winnings of 98,696 Swiss francs, while second and third place each come with a check for just under 10,000 Swiss francs.

Cowa Thermal Solutions AG

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