Brunner Medien concludes publishing acquisition


Kriens LU – Brunner Medien AG has fully taken over the publisher Heilpädagogischer Lehrmittel-Verlag (HLV). In the course of succession planning, HLV also has a new management team as a result.


The complete acquisition of HLV by Brunner Medien AG has been concluded in the course of succession planning. According to an article by Klein Report, HLV’s former Publishing Director Käthi Zurschmiede is retiring. Brunner Medien AG has consequently fully taken over HLV, in which it already held a 30 percent shareholding.


On conclusion of the full acquisition deal at the start of the year, HLV also gained a new management team. This consists of Roland Dahinden, Managing Director of Brunner Medien AG, Markus Kappeler, former Head of Book Publishers at Brunner, and Karina Sövegjarto as Publishing Assistant.


With new headquarters in Kriens, HLV will continue to develop teaching resources for children with learning disabilities and work together with external experts in this field. HLV was founded by Käthi and Peter Zurschmiede in 1995. Until now, the company was based in Feldbrunnen-St.Niklaus in the canton of Solothurn.

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