Insurers to bear the cost of Novocure therapy


Root LU – Swiss health insurance firms will bear the costs for the brain tumor therapy developed by the BioTech company Novocure. This has now been included in the list of refundable treatments drawn up by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.


The costs for the Novocure therapy to treat glioblastoma (GBM) will be borne by Swiss health insurers. As Novocure has announced, the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health has now included its therapy to combat this particularly malignant brain tumor variant in the List of Remedies and Equipment (MiGeL). This sets out which treatments and medical devices are covered by compulsory health insurance in Switzerland.


The North American oncology company, which operates a subsidiary based in the canton of Lucerne, has developed what it calls Tumor Treating Fields for Optune, its non-invasive cancer therapy. This uses electrical fields with specific frequencies with the aim of disrupting cell division. In this way, healthy tissue is not targeted. Optune is intended for the treatment of adults with newly diagnosed glioblastoma following surgery and completion of radiotherapy in conjunction with the accompanying standard chemotherapy by means of temozolomide. For recurrent glioblastoma, treatment with Optune is indicated after chemotherapy.


“We are extremely pleased that Switzerland has established national reimbursement for Optune”, comments Thomas Hefti, Vice President Europe and Emerging Markets, in the press release, before adding: “Access to our therapy continues to grow throughout the world, demonstrating health insurers’ increasing recognition of Optune”.


Pritesh Shah, Chief Commercial Officer von Novocure, was also quoted in the press release, stating: “National reimbursement of Optune for newly diagnosed GBM patients in Switzerland represents an incredible effort by our team to expand access to our therapy”.


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