Schmidiger receives award for remote-controlled loading ramps


Menzberg LU – Schmidiger GmbH has received an award from a Swiss mountain aid organization and an innovation transfer association for Central Switzerland for a new safety feature in its remote-controlled loading ramps for trucks.


Schmidiger GmbH from Menzberg in the canton of Lucerne, which specialises in radio technology solutions for industry, has won an innovation competition called Zinno-Ideenscheck für Berggebiete. The 15,000 Swiss francs prize is awarded every three months by the Swiss mountain aid organization Schweizer Berghilfe and ITZ InnovationsTransfer Zentralschweiz, the innovation transfer association for Central Switzerland. Schmidiger won the award for a recent development to its remote-controlled loading ramp.


A market leader in its field, Schmidiger has been investing in developing additional safety solutions after a fatal accident with a loading ramp occurred in 2015. As a result of that accident, Swiss accident insurance firm Suva introduced additional safety guidelines, and Schmidiger has invested some 5,000 man-hours in research, prototypes and tests. New solutions that satisfy Suva’s requirements will soon be patented, according to a joint press release from Schweizer Berghilfe and ITZ. Series production is expected to start next year.


“The small company from the mountain region in Lucerne has not only made a significant contribution to improved safety but has also set itself apart from the competition,” said Schweizer Berghilfe. “It’s quite possible that even more trucks in the future will be equipped with radio technology made in Menzberg.”


At the award ceremony, Regula Straub, co-director of Schweizer Berghilfe, said that Schmidiger GmbH shows that it is possible for companies from remote regions to be ahead of the international competition.

Schmidiger GmbH

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