Amphasys technology analyzes cancer cells


Root LU – A young researcher from Lucerne, Andrea Hunn, has been researching the effects of natural remedies on cancer cells. To do so, she used technology from the start-up Amphasys based in Root. She has been awarded the Life Sciences Switzerland price for her work.


Andrea Hunn, a young researcher from the Kantonsschule Reussbühl in Lucerne has received the special Life Sciences Switzerland prize in a competition held by Schweizer Jungend forscht. In her work, Hunn wanted to find out whether selected natural remedies have a toxic effect on cancer cells in a cell model, thereby destroying them.


For her project, Hunn used an impedance flow cytometry measurement system developed by Amphasys, a start-up based in Root. This technology determines cell vitality based on the differences in the membrane that occur upon cell death. According to a press release from Amphasys, Hunn’s project is the first to use the start-up’s technology to examine human cells. Up until now it has above all been used in plant studies.


Amphasys states in the press release: “At Amphasys we are very proud and excited about Andrea’s accomplishment and are looking forward to following her progress as a young scientist.”


Amphasys was founded in 2012 as a spin-off from Axetris AG and is headquartered at Technopark Lucerne. The start-up was granted the W.A. de Vigier award for its cell analysis technology in 2018.

Amphasys AG

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