Lucerne start-up launches innovative reusable cup


Horw LU – The Lucerne-based start-up ConceptIris has developed a reusable cup that solves the weaknesses of commercially available solutions. The IRISgo has an innovative closure system allowing for a large sip opening and simple re-filling.


The standard commercially available recyclable cups do not provide a “top quality drinking experience”, among other things due to the fact that the aroma of the coffee remains trapped inside the cup, ConceptIris writes in a press release. Moreover, you can “easily burn your tongue with the small sip opening”. The Lucerne start-up has developed a reusable cup that solves these and other problems associated with standard reusable cups.


At the heart of the IRISgo is an innovative closure system. It consists of a silicon membrane in the form of an Iris cover. This allows a large sip opening to be opened up, with the cup being easy to re-fill as well and no impractical lids needed. The IRISgo can therefore “be washed by hand quickly and easily or put in the dishwasher for cleaning”. The new reusable cup is also “obviously completely sealed and leak-proof when closed”, the press release states.


ConceptIris has used prize winnings from start-up competitions to finance the development costs in full, the company, which is headquartered in Horw, explains in the press release. At the end of June, ConceptIris intends to launch a “global kickstarter campaign”. This will see the IRISgo commercially available for purchase for the first time.


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