Blockchain should increase trust in data


Root LU - The FCE Group AG is working on a new network for companies. This is based on blockchain technology with the aim of presenting data in a secure and transparent manner. The TBO Consulting Group from Nigeria has also recently joined efforts linked to realizing the company’s initiative.


The FCE Group AG, headquartered in Technopark Lucerne, is developing blockchain applications for companies. The aim is to increase trust in information and transparently present data. With its FCE Initiative, the company is seeking to establish a network for companies from all industries that want to exchange data securely and transparently. The overarching objective driving the project is to construct a global ecosystem anchored in the principles of digital transparency based on blockchain technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). The network aims to make collaborations between suppliers, logistics firms, retailers and service providers easier. The underlying blockchain platform is to be provided by the FCE Group AG.


At the end of May, the FCE Group brought on board an additional participant for the FCE Initiative in the form of the TBO Consulting Group, as detailed in a press release. TBO is a Nigerian company that supports companies during digital transformation projects. Among other things, it is keen to bring its experience, ideas and strategies to the table for the blockchain network for companies.


The FCE Initiative is directed at companies from across the world. The number of participating partners is continually on the rise, according to the FCE Group.

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