Schindler launches modular elevators


Ebikon LU - Schindler is bringing a new generation of elevators to the market. The new product range offers additional digital services. Architects and planners can adapt these new elevators to their requirements online.


The Schindler Group, headquartered in Ebikon, is launching a new generation of modular elevators. The company is known for its innovative technologies. According to information from a company press release, it is not only making elevator journeys “more comfortable and interactive, it is also optimizing the appearance and haptics of the elevators.”


Christian Schulz says: “We add the extra to the ordinary and have built a new modular elevator generation with customers and passengers in mind.” As a member of the executive committee, Schulz is responsible for Operations. He goes on to add: “One example is that the elevator can now easily be used as an infotainment platform.”


The new range of products also enables a forward-thinking maintenance concept, which aims to minimize elevator downtime. Schindler’s contactless transit management system, PORT, is integrated into the entire range. Passengers can call the elevator using the myPORT smartphone app.


Architects and planners can use a web-based online planning tool to effortlessly “plan and design an elevator tailored to their individual needs.” The new range of modular elevators will be launched globally this year.

Schindler Group

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