Geistlich Pharma’s top secret captured on film


Wolhusen LU – The Geistlich Pharma product Geistlich Bio-Oss is a successful bone substitute material for dental applications. The manufacturing process has been clouded in secrecy, as a new short film has revealed.


The manufacturing process for Bio-Oss comprises four secret steps, together described as the “Blackbox” in a release issued by Geistlich Pharma. In the new short film entitled “The Best Kept Secret”, the author attempts to provide an insight into this Blackbox process, and to shed some light onto “best kept secret in the history of dentistry”. However, during this process, Cornel Imhof, Head of Production at Geistlich Pharma, was a tough nut to crack.


“It sends a shiver down your spine, because you know you have something that nobody else in the world has ever seen”, Imhof explains in the film. The ingenuity of these production steps for Geistlich Bio-Oss are also reflected in the fact that 255 specific documents were produced for the manufacturing process, one of which, for example, describes the ideal mixing unit.


The way in which Geistlich Pharma – with some justification – is so careful to protect the secret of its successful product is also apparent in a comment from Marco Zeltner, specialist dental surgeon from Horgen ZH: “I open the little bottle and there it is. All I have to do is take it out and apply it, and it works!”, he comments in the film.


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