Schurter protects against electromagnetic emissions


Lucerne – Electric cars produce magnetic fields of great strength. These can damage other electrical components or harm passengers inside the vehicle. EMC filters developed by Schurter can prevent this from happening. They block interfering signals and can be adapted in line with specific customer requirements.


Wherever power flows, electromagnetic fields are produced, Schurter explains in a data sheet for its FPAB filter series. In electronic cars, “electricity is ever-present”, in many cases resulting in very high current flows, the Lucerne-based electrical components manufacturer explains further. Powerful field strengths are accordingly produced by the electromagnetic fields generated by these electric vehicles.


However, such electromagnetic fields can both damage the functionality of other electronic components inside and outside the vehicle as well as harm passengers inside the car, Schurter explains. The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) filters developed by the Lucerne-based industrial firm are designed to prevent this from happening. The FPAB filter series is customized for use in electric vehicles. According to the data sheet, the EMC filters are characterized by their robustness against vibrations, impacts, shocks and temperature fluctuations. Moreover, the FPAB series filters can also be adapted in line with specific customer requirements if need be.

SCHURTER Electronic Components

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