Digital bike racks at Lucerne railway station


Lucerne – Cyclists can now use digital bike racks at Lucerne railway station. The spaces can be reserved and paid for via an app. Lucerne startup smartmo and the SBB Swiss Federal Railways are behind this new bike parking facility.


On Tuesday, a digital bike station was opened at Lucerne railway station. This means cyclists no longer need to waste time hunting for an available space. According to a press release, the new digital racks can be found via a smartphone app, which also enables reservation, release and payment. The individual parking spaces feature charging facilities for e-bikes and have a special spot for storing helmets and rain gear.


The system was developed by Lucerne startup smartmo, which is working together with the SBB to run the pilot project. The SBB is providing the space for the bike racks, though these reportedly do not take up more room than standard bike racks.


After success in Lucerne, the plan is to gradually expand this bike parking with installation and testing in Zurich, Uster ZH, Solothurn and Basel by the end of 2019. The aim is to ascertain the demand for and interest in these digital bike racks.

smartmo - Easy Bike Parking

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