Aldi places trust in Lucerne software


Signifikant Solutions measures the success of ad campaigns. Having previously added Swisscom and Migros to its client list, the startup based in the Technopark Lucerne has now also gained German retailer Aldi.

Founded in 2016, the startup Signifikant Solutions measures the success of ad campaigns, as an article on startupticker.ch reports. This involves capturing and evaluating all available contact data from the ad channels of a campaign. The objective is to determine the performance of all channels expressed as required contacts per conversion (RCC). Software developed by Signifikant Solutions cleans and weights the data that has been collected.

“Our continually updated data models now finally make it possible to analyze specific ad campaigns in relation to actual sales,” explains founder Esther Cahn in the article. “Some of our clients are very surprised when they see how much the cost of a conversion varies depending on the channel, product, target group and quality of the ad.”
Though still in its pilot phase, the startup based in the Technopark Lucerne has been able to win Swisscom and Migros as high-profile clients over the past two years. According to startupticker.ch, the “early adopters” were reportedly impressed by the potential of the solution. The official market launch has now kicked off impressively, with Signifikant Solutions adding one of the world's largest retailers Aldi to its client base.

Signifikant Solutions

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