App warns of iron deficiencies


CSS Insurance in Lucerne has worked with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and startup SNAQ to develop an app that is able to warn of possible iron deficiencies. Users can take photos of their meals and the app will show them the iron content.

According to CSS Insurance, anemia is one of the most common deficiency diseases, with those affected often feeling tired and lacking in energy. The body does not produce this trace element – it needs to be taken in through food.

CSS has now worked together with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and the startup SNAQ to develop the EisenCoach app. A press release reports that this is the “world’s first preventive approach for tackling anemia that focuses on educating individuals rather than treating through food supplements and medication”.
With EisenCoach, users simply have to photograph their plate of food. The app analyses the whole plate by means of artificial intelligence and then displays the iron content of the meal. Based on individual dietary behavior, the app then offers tips for boosting iron intake.

CSS presented the new app at the Swiss Digital Day on Tuesday. It will now be tested for three weeks and then developed further in response to feedback.

Alongside EisenCoach, CSS recently also launched an app for children suffering from asthma. This includes educational videos and aims to convey information to improve health literacy.

CSS Insurance

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