Lionel Loueke plays Lucerne-made guitar


Jazz guitarist Lionel Loueke has chosen a Lucerne-made guitar for his upcoming world tour with jazz pianist Herbie Hancock. The guitar was made by the startup company Relish Brothers AG from Neuenkirch.

Lionel Loueke is to tour the world with Herbie Hancock. The world-famous jazz guitarist has roots in West Africa but now lives in the USA. On the tour, he will play an electric guitar made by Relish Brothers AG.

According to a company statement, Loueke chose a custom-made Walnut Jane guitar, which the musician describes as an “incredible work of sound and art”. He also said the guitar was a “positive vision” that corresponds with his vision of music. Besides RelishBrothers AG, the jazz guitarist also has another connection to Switzerland: he teaches at the Musik Akademie Basel Jazzcampus.

RelishBrothers was founded in November 2013 and is headquartered in Neuenkirch. The startup’s electric guitars have interchangeable pickup and a patented bamboo fretboard that is reported to be 60 per cent harder than rosewood. The guitars also have optimized sound with a full, warm acoustic tone.

Relish Brothers AG

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