Foodcoin presents itself in Asia


Foodcoin Group AG from Root is one of 21 Swiss start-ups appearing at the Consumer Electronics Show Asia. The start-up wants to revolutionize the foodstuffs trade using blockchain technology.

SWISSNEX China has published a list of the 21 chosen Swiss start-ups who will be appearing at the Consumer Electronics Show Asia (CES Asia) from 11 to13 June in Shanghai. The start-ups come from various industries and focus on applications in areas such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) or drones.

They include Foodcoin Group AG, which wants to improve transparency in the foodstuffs supply chain. The supply chain in the food industry demands important deadlines and arrangements to be met to guarantee quality. However, it is often difficult to identify the person responsible for any problems with the quality or amount of foodstuffs at the end of the chain.

Thanks to Foodcoin technology, not only will transparency be improved, but also planning will be optimized and costs lowered. An important component of the Foodcoin solution is WALLOK, a crypto wallet that also contains data about the goods and their transport. According to Foodcoin, it is the only one of the 21 companies that combines different blockchain-based applications.

Foodcoin is based at the Lucerne Technopark in Root.

Foodcoin Group AG

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Foodcoin presents itself in Asia