Adidas opts for D4 in Root


The German sporting goods manufacturer Adidas is planning to transfer its global commercial operations to Lucerne. The Group has now found a site for its new headquarters: Adidas will be setting up shop in the D4 Business Village Lucerne in Root.

Adidas is planning to transfer its global commercial operations from the Netherlands to the Canton of Lucerne in a process that will last until mid-2020. To this end, the Group has now found suitable office space. Adidas spokesperson Claudia Lange discussed the move with Luzerner Zeitung: “The new headquarters will be set up in the D4 Business Village Lucerne in Root”. The rental contract was signed in the previous few days.

According to Luzerner Zeitung, Adidas will merge its existing operation in Cham ZG with the new headquarters in Root. A provisional total of more than 100 jobs will be created in Root, including the 40 or so employees who will be making the move from Cham.

According to the information available, Adidas has decided upon the Square One business and residential building at D4, where it is set to rent office space covering approximately 1,700 square meters. As the building is still under construction, Adidas will initially seek to provisionally move into office space previously rented by Zurich Insurance Group at D4, with the move into Square One then likely to be completed during 2020.

The Mayor of Root, Heinz Schumacher, is delighted with Adidas’s move. He commented to the newspaper: “Adidas is a prestigious, international brand that will enrich the new construction”. He claimed that this made the construction of D4 all worthwhile. “Good transport connections in particular for cars, but also for trains and buses, spoke in favor of D4”, Schumacher explained. Claudia Lange, the Adidas spokesperson, also praised the central location of D4 with good transport links as well as a “setting in which our requirement for a modern working environment can be realized”.

Adidas has already advertised the first job roles in Root. The first employees are set to make the move to Lucerne this year. Lange explained: The feedback of our employees moving to Lucerne, but also the feedback with regard to our recruitment activities in the local area has been very good”.

D4 Business Village Lucerne

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Adidas opts for D4 in Root