Sedimentum wins Zinno-Ideenscheck prize


Sedimentum has won the Zinno-Ideenscheck prize of 15,000 Swiss francs. The Lucerne-based start-up has developed a solution for monitoring vulnerable patients round the clock without endangering their privacy.

Sedimentum has won the Zinno-Ideenscheck prize for Q4 2018. The Lucerne-based start-up received the prize money of 15,000 Swiss francs at the beginning of February.

Sedimentum has developed a solution for vulnerable individuals such as psychiatric or older patients. It is difficult to care for such people round the clock because the necessary personnel resources are often not sufficient. The start-up wants to change this. Its solution can measure various vital data of patients contactlessly. By using artificial intelligence (AI) each person’s individual normal health status is learnt. Staff are notified by an alarm if the vital data drop below a certain threshold level. The company says an anonymization method has been developed to protect the privacy of these vulnerable people. As it says in a press release, this will enable full data anonymization and alerting.

“Our solution not only takes the pressure off the nursing staff, but also provides protection and security for the people to be cared for and their dependants”, explains Immanuel Zerbini from Sedimentum.

The Zinno-Ideenscheck is awarded by zentralschweiz innovativ a joint program involving six central Swiss cantons, which aims to strengthen the competitiveness of companies in Central Switzerland. Start-ups with the best ideas who have the best chance of realizing them and the biggest market potential are recognized.

“The winner of the twelfth Zinno-Ideenscheck impressed me with their developed product in many respects. It is a solution that is geared to the challenges of a constantly aging society and which utilizes the technical possibilities of digitalization”, said Andreas Barraud, member of Canton Schwyz State Council, in his award speech.

Press Release Zinno-Ideenscheck

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