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The Canton of Lucerne offers first-class medical care. The largest central hospital in Switzerland, the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital, and many other clinics and institutes offer medical services of the highest quality. More and more patients from abroad are traveling to Lucerne for this reason.

Lucerne Cantonal Hospital (public)

The Lucerne Cantonal Hospital comprises the Central Hospital of Lucerne, both general hospitals in Sursee and Wohlhusen and the Lucerne Höhenklinik Montana. As the biggest central hospital in Switzerland, its clinics and institutes offer medical services of the highest quality.


Hirslanden Clinic (private)

The Hirslanden Clinic St. Anna sets the bar for quality, safety and comfort, which pertains to medical services, personal care as well as the infrastructure.


Swiss Paraplegic Center of Nottwil

The Swiss Paraplegic Center of Nottwil (SPZ) is a private, federally recognized specialized clinic for initial treatment and holistic rehabilitation of paralyzed patients. Nottwil is home to the largest specialist clinic for para- and quadriplegics in Switzerland.


cereneo Vitznau

cereneo is a Swiss research institute and clinic specialized in neurorehabilitation.

Personal therapy and modern training and measurement procedures are combined into a customized therapy concept in order to give you back the maximum degree of independence, an autonomous lifestyle and quality of life. 



Health care / Hospital

Hirslanden Klinik St. Anna

Hirslanden Klinik St. Anna