Signifikant Solutions AG

There are over 600 companies in Switzerland that invest more than one million Swiss francs each year in advertising without having a complete picture of the performance of their campaigns. This start-up company has developed software with which campaign data is collected and analysed and advertising clients are provided with ongoing information, virtually in real time, about the success of their campaigns. The software is being developed in part within the context of a project financed by Innosuisse in collaboration with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and with support from prestigious Swiss advertising clients.

«Lucerne Business was able to answer all my questions concerning Lucerne as a possible location for my company and – in addition to many valuable tips – they also gave me a very good overall picture of the options available to start-ups in the Canton of Lucerne. I am impressed about how well the various organisations in the Lucerne start-up environment work together. This ultimately made it easier for us to choose Lucerne. In the meantime we have successfully completed the assessments of Technopark Luzern and in January 2018 we moved our office there. With joint support from Technopark and Lucerne Business Luzern we were able to cover part of our financing needs with borrowed capital.»
Esther Cahn
CEO / Founder