Meier Tobler AG

Following the merger of Walter Meier and Tobler, Meier Tobler AG has become the leading housing technology company in Switzerland and supplies its specialist partners with top quality appliances and devices for heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and plumbing. Meier Tobler’s maintenance service ensures the smooth functioning of these systems throughout Switzerland. Since November 2016 the new service centre in Nebikon has been our central, highly automated warehouse and our logistics hub for all appliances, devices and replacement parts. Our heart for all of Switzerland now beats in Nebikon, canton Lucerne. Apart from the approximately 40 logistics jobs here, further workstations have been set up, for example regional sales, the underfloor heating division and service support.

«We were seeking a suitable central location close to the transport axes north-south and east-west for our new service centre. Lucerne Business actively and pragmatically supported us both during the location search and with respect to all approval procedures. Lacking professional mediation our chosen location directly on the tricorn of the Egolzwil, Schötz and Nebikon municipalities would likely have kept us on the go for a while yet with various hurdles and stumbling blocks. A sincere thank you for these mediation and support services – we feel well received here!»
Martin Kaufmann