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Find out more about figures and statistical information, the population, the economy and society as well as the surrounding area and environment of the Canton of Lucerne and its surrounding municipalities. The information is gathered by LUSTAT Statistics of Lucerne on an ongoing basis.


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LUSTAT Statistics of Lucerne has been federally mandated to gather, assess and accessibly publish basic statistical data about the population, the economy, society as well as the surrounding area and environment. In this role, LUSTAT also conducts federal surveys on behalf of the Federation. As the main statistics center for the Canton of Lucerne, it is also LUSTAT's duty to coordinate statistics for the entire canton. Aside from the basic legal commission, LUSTAT creates evaluations on a contractual basis for cantonal and communal organizations as well as for private clients. The details of a LUSTAT contract can be broken down into four core tasks: data collection and analysis, information transmission, provision of services and coordination.