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The pharmaceutical industry is a major pillar of the Swiss export economy and is still one of the strongest growing industrial sectors. The Canton of Lucerne has made itself a name as an attractive location for international companies from the areas of medical technology and life sciences. Some well-known companies include B. Braun Medical, Geistlich Pharma, Novocure and MSD Merck & Dohme.


Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Companies (Life Sciences)

B. Braun Medical AG

B. Braun Medical AG - Sharing Expertise

Geistlich Pharma AG

Regenerative Medizin für mehr Lebensqualität


Ihr Ventil- und Kunststoffspezialist


Labordienstleistungen aus der Schweiz - Für verlässliche Ergebnisse!

Werthenstein BioPharma GmbH

Werthenstein BioPharma GmbH