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CKW plans to develop smart energy platform

The Lucerne-based energy firm CKW has invested in the German start-up Oxygen Technologies. Together, the two companies are planning to develop a smart energy p ... more



Swisscom acquires stake in Ajila

Ajila, a company from Sursee, and Swisscom have joined forces to develop a platform that facilitates the legally compliant digitization of contracts. To underp ... more



Tourism awards honor outstanding achievements

Lucerne – The Tourismus Forum Luzern awarded the Tourismus Awards at the weekend. The Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern was honored for its outstanding dev ... more


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Success Stories from Lucerne



«Luzern is a great location for us. The combination of natural beauty, local resources, and cultural life helps us attract and retain the top talent we need. As a relatively small company, the assistance from Luzern Business in getting started was of great help.»


Tim Dawson-Townsend

Managing Director

Aurora Swiss Aerospace GmbH


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