The top governing body of the Business Development is the Foundation Board. It defines the strategies, periodically monitors its success and approves budgets and annual accounts. Moreover, it plays a part in maintaining the network.


Dr. Erwin Steiger, CEO ARISCO-Group

Vize President

Councilor Robert Küng, Ministry for Infrastructure, Environment and Economics of Lucerne


Rudolf Fehlmann, Delegate of the Board of Directors Digital Enterprise Corp.

Hans Luternauer, President of the Lucerne Community Association

Max Renggli, CEO Renggli Corp.

Rainer Roten, CEO Schindler Switzerland

Stefan Roth, Acting Member

Daniel Salzmann, CEO Luzerner Kantonalbank Corp.

Roland Vonarburg, President of the SME Association of the Canton of Lucerne

Dr. Sven-Erik Zeidler, Director of Department for Regional Planning and Economics of the Canton of Lucerne






Dr. Erwin Steiger